Netman is a high security and user-friendly Remote Control software
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  • Where can I find the right version for Netman for my laptop?
    There aren't many versions released on the Internet except Netman Enterprise and Netman. The first version is for businesses and companies and the second one for home use. On the download page, use the Remote Mirror 2 to get the product. However, I recommend using an easier solution called TeamViewer. It works even for firewalls or VPNs and it's constantly updated for latest versions of the available operating systems. Here is the Netman website: And the TeamViewer one:


Netman is a high security and user-friendly Remote Control software. As high security software it adopts the DSE encrypt mode generally used by banks which is safe and reliable. As user-friendly software Netman can work behind any proxy and firewall, which means no complex settings are needed.

As remote control software it provides functions of having computers reboot and shut down remotely, desktop sharing, mouse and keyboard controlling, video starting remotely, files and folders managing, instant message, and even more. In addition, the controlling speed is fast.

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